Throughout her extensive career as a singer-songwriter, Mariah Carey has meticulously crafted one of the most incredibly diverse discographies in music history. Her catalog of fifteen studio albums consists heavily of R&B, pop, and hip-hop music, but also includes songs in genres such as gospel, funk, jazz, traditional soul, and even opera. Her songs cover the entire range of human emotion: the excitement of joy and love, the pain of sorrow and grief, the fulfillment of spiritual inspiration, and everything in between. Even more impressive, with the exception of an occasional cover, she’s written nearly all of those songs—something for…

Norris Johnson

Hey! I’m Black, Queer, Proud, a Lamb, a Hottie, part of the Beyhive, the Beehive, and Rena’s Army, a Veeliever, an RHOA stan, and I love writing about it all!

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